NACDL/FAMM State Clemency Project

Criminalization of the Ballot Box

The right to vote is essential to democracy. In recent years overly zealous prosecutors have used arcane provisions of voting law to intimidate voters and prospective voters. These practices have been especially prevalent in several states. It is essential that prosecutions designed to criminalize the ballot box are met with vigorous defense advocacy to challenge the application of these statutes on constitutional, statutory, and factual grounds. This program seeks to elevate defense advocacy in this area by providing training on general principles applicable to alleged voter fraud prosecutions and state-specific guidance that will focus on North Carolina, Texas, and Florida.

NACDL thanks and salutes its partners in this endeavor: ACLU of Florida, ACLU of Texas, Black Voters Matter Fund, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, National Legal Aid and Defenders Association, Southern Coalition for Social Justice, and Texas Civil Rights Project. Additionally, for bringing these groups together and supporting this project, NACDL and the NACDL Foundation for Criminal Justice express appreciation to the Ford Foundation.


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